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Provisional Programme for European Monetary Forum
Funded by Bank of England & JHIAM.

Friday April 15, 2016
Bank of England, London



April 15th
8:00-8:30 Arrive at Bank of England 
  Chair: Huw Dixon
9:00 Jagjit Chadha, " 'Midas,transmuting all, into paper', the Bank of England and the Banque de France during the Napoleonic wars"(.pdf)
9:50 Parantap Basu, "Inflation Inertia and Long-run Inflation Targeting in a Growing Economy: A Comparison of Calvo and Rotemberg"(.pdf)

Chair: Casper de Vries  
11:00 Michael McLeay, "Monetary and macroprudential policies: a simple framework" (Bank of England) 
11:50 Paul de Grauwe,"Animal spirits and the international transmission of business cycles" (.pdf)

Chair: Harris Dellas
13:30 Christoph Thoenissen, "Commodity prices and labour market dynamics in an open economy"
Akos Valentinyi, "Balanced versus unbalanced growth: measurement and theory"
15:10 Coffee/Tea
  Chair: Kent Matthews
Roland Meeks,"Leaning against the wind and policy trade-offs" (Abstract)
Matt Canzoneri, "Should central banks pay competitive interest on reserves?"
17:10 Coffee/Tea/Drinks

Chair: Mike Wickens
17:30-19:00 Policy panel: Monetary, macro- and micro-prudential policy: what is the right mix? Peter Smith, Julia Giese, Patrick Minford


Rules of Engagement:
The time allocated for each session includes author's presentation and discussion with participants (there will be no formal discussants) so it is really up to the author to maximise. For guidance authors might think in terms of taking half the time for exposition and the rest in discussion and response. Some may prefer to leave the discussion until they have finished presenting; others (the more normal case) may prefer to have the discussion as they go along.

For the panel panellists should please keep opening remarks brief, to five minutes; then use their right of response to amplify their thoughts as needed.

Participants to date:

Alina Barnett, Bank of England
Analise Mercieca, Bank of England
Akos Valentinyi, Cardiff
Arnab Bhattarcharjee, Heriot-Watt
Artus Galiay, Bank of England
Casper de Vries, Erasmus
Christoph Thoenissen, Sheffield
Clare Macallan, Bank of England
Dale Henderson, Federal Reserve Board
Francesc Rodriguez-Tous, Bank of England
Gareth Ramsay, Bank of England
Huw Dixon, Cardiff
Jagjit Chadha, Kent
Julia Giese, Bank of England
Kent Matthews, Cardiff
Lien Laureys, Bank of England
Matt Canzoneri, Georgetown
Michael McLeay, Bank of England
Mike Wickens, Cardiff and York
Parantap Basu, Durham
Patrick Minford, Cardiff
Paul de Grauwe, LSE
Peter Smith, York
Roland Meeks, Bank of England
Ron Smith, Birkbeck
Stephen Millard, Bank of England
Stephen Wright, Birkbeck
Tony Yates, Birmingham
Oren Sussman, Said Business School Oxford
Other Bank participants, tba

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