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Provisional Programme for European Monetary Forum 2017
Funded by University of York & JHIAM.

Friday March 17, 2017
University of York, York, UK



March 17th
8:00 Arrival at conference venue
  Chair: Peter Smith - Welcome
8:30 Gulcin Ozkan: ‘Asymmetric fiscal policy’
9:20 Atanas Christev: ‘The Welfare Loss of Adaptive Learning Dynamics and Optimal Monetary Policy’ 

Chair: Paul de Grauwe  
10:30 Arnab Bhattacharjee:  ‘How (not) to do the Cholesky Decomposition: Or, how does the UK economy respond to international shocks?’ (Abstract) (Slides)
11:20 Casper de Vries: ‘ Linking Large Currency Swings to Fundamentals' Shocks’ (Pdf)

Chair: Kent Matthews
13:00 Vito Polito and Mike Wickens:  ‘Population ageing, social security and fiscal limits’ (Slides)
Stephen Millard: ‘How do shocks and frictions within financial markets affect the real economy?’ (Pdf) (Slides)
14:40 Coffee/tea
  Chair: Casper de Vries
Laura Coroneo: ‘European spreads at the interest rate lower bound’
Peter Spencer: ‘What can the theory of finance tell us about the effects of monetary policy on spending?’
16:40 Coffee/tea: collect/return asap

Chair: Stephen Millard 
16:45 Kul Luintel: ‘Inventions and Spillovers: Is there Micro-Macro Correspondence across Emerging World?’
Patrick Minford, ‘A Schumpeterian long-wave business cycle model’ (Slides)
18:20 Coffee/tea/drinks: collect/return asap

Chair: Mike Wickens  
Policy panel:  Monetary policy in a post-Trumpian world: are the zero lower bound and the stagnation thesis both dead? John Velis, Paul de Grauwe, Peter Spencer


Rules of Engagement:
The time allocated for each session includes author's presentation and discussion with participants (there will be no formal discussants) so it is really up to the author to maximise. For guidance authors might think in terms of taking half the time for exposition and the rest in discussion and response. Some may prefer to leave the discussion until they have finished presenting; others (the more normal case) may prefer to have the discussion as they go along.

For the panel panellists should please keep opening remarks brief, to five minutes; then use their right of response to amplify their thoughts as needed.

Participants to date:

Arnab Bhattacharjee, Heriot-Watt
Atanas Christev, Heriot-Watt
Laura Coroneo, York
Casper de Vries, Erasmus
Huw Dixon, Cardiff
Paul de Grauwe, LSE
Kul Luintel, Cardiff
Kent Matthews, Cardiff
Stephen Millard, Bank of England
Patrick Minford, Cardiff
Gulcin Ozkan, York
Vito Polito, Bath
Peter Smith, York
Peter Spencer, York
Oren Sussman, Oxford
John Velis, State Street Global Markets
Mike Wickens, Cardiff and York
Stephen Wright, Birkbeck

Local arrangements:

The accommodation is for two nights 16, and 17 March at the Hampton by Hilton Hotel which is very close to the railway station. The directions from the station are here.

The EMF meeting will be held in the Research Centre for Social Sciences (ReCSS) building at the University of York and a taxi will be able to drop you at the front door of that building. It is building 65 in F2 on this map.

Past EMF forums

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